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Electricity, Hydrogen and bio methaneall available under one roof

TotalEnergies is building its first multiple clean fuels station in the Netherlands. The fast chargers 175 kW and 50 kW and the bio methane station have been operational since the beginning of February. The next phase involves the creation of the hydrogen station.


The existing TotalEnergies refuelling station at Capelseweg 399 has been expanded with a varied range of clean fuels. Electric car owners could already charge their vehicle here, but they will be able to do it faster now as two High Power Chargers (HPC) have been added with a maximum capacity of 175 kW to the existing 50 kW chargers. Cars that are suitable for charging at this maximum capacity will have a fully charged battery again within approximately 10 minutes. The number of HPC’s may be increased to four in the future according to the positive response that was already received from customers.


The construction of the hydrogen refuelling station forms part of the H2BeNelux project. This is being co-financed by the European Commission’s ‘Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) - Transport Sector’ and DKTI subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, administered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


TotalEnergies is working hard to expand its network of stations with clean energy such as EV chargers, bio methane, LNG and Hydrogen. The creation of the multiple clean energy station in Capelle aan den IJssel is innovative and contributes to TotalEnergies’ mission to become even more sustainable. The city’s Councillor on charge of sustainability” Nico van Veen says: “This development supports the ambitions that we have in Capelle to encourage sustainable transport and to ensure that there is a good refuelling and charging infrastructure available for this.”


Marja Versleijen, director of Total Nederland’s Mobility & New Energies division, stresses that the creation of the multiple clean fuels station brings the ambitions under the climate agreement a step closer. “The Netherlands has great ambitions when it comes to becoming even more sustainable. The transition to cleaner and more sustainable transport is not possible without the right refuelling and charging infrastructure. We at Total Nederland are very pleased to be able to contribute to the path to sustainability that the Netherlands has adopted and to promote more affordable, more reliable and cleaner energy.”