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Johana looks for new opportunities in the Dutch offshore


I started in Total E&P Nederland in 2013 as an intern student from Utrecht University. After working as a contractor for six months I joined the company as a junior geologist in summer 2014.

Experience within Total

Since I joined Total I’ve had the opportunity to work in different areas within Geosciences, such as the Development team and the Exploration team. The latter recently merged with the New Ventures team, which is my current team since summer 2015. Besides all the technical knowledge I’ve gained in the last two years, countless personal experiences with colleagues from all over the world have marked my way within Total. Total is really good at bringing different people with different backgrounds and nationalities to work together for a common interest.

Supporting Total’s commitment

My role as a geologist consists in finding and safely producing oil and gas. Here in the North Sea the geoscientists are working in a very challenging environment since exploration and production are becoming more complex and costly. However, together with my colleagues, we are trying to find innovative ways to better develop the assets as well as looking for new opportunities in the Dutch offshore.

Personal interests or hobbies

I consider myself a social person who enjoys working with different people. I think when the team members are less similar to each other more ideas will come up. I enjoy very much travelling and learning from other cultures, I hope I will get the opportunity in future positions to discover many more places around the world.


Default description.

“I think when the team members are less similar to each other more ideas will come up”

Short Resumé


July 2015 - Present


Geologist in Exploration and New Ventures Team